Who Am I

Born in Thessaloniki on a Wednesday’s dawn, the penultimate year of the Monkey, Aphrodite is a Libra with a rising Virgo and Venus in Scorpio. She is also a soprano, performer, writer, composer and photographer. She studied at the University of Macedonia in Greece, Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels, Universität der Künste Berlin and spent some quality time in Paris. She studies with Prof. Aris Argiris. She performed as improvisation artist in festivals and as an actress in short films. Her opera roles include Rosina (Barbiere di Siviglia), Lucy (The Telephone), and Alleinerziehende (Minibar) while she is also actively engaged in concert works. Between 2018-2020 she will be performing as Anne Trulove under the baton of Barbara Hannigan (Equilibrium Young Artists) in Göteborg, Brussels and the States, as Elle in La Voix Humaine in Berlin, as Belinda in the production of Sasha Waltz’s Dido & Aeneas in Madrid, as Sophie Scholl in Weisse Rose in Greece and as goddess Aphrodite on world premiere in the sacred island of Delos. She has also studied modern and folk singing and plays the piano and guitar. Her first illustrated cycle of poems was published by H.O.N. as a first prize of poetry in Greece. She likes snow and comic books. Not necessarily combined.

Patoulidou – Πατουλίδου comes from the pontian word “Patoul” which means snowflake. So, when it snows, we, the Pontian Greeks say: “Patoulízei” and from that derives that “Patoulidou”, which means “The one with the snowflakes on her hair” or “The White-haired”… I know, right?

Attention! Influences sorted alphabetically: Tori Amos, Captain Bluebear (The 13​1⁄2 Lives of ), Maria Callas, Deadpool, Nicolai Gedda, Game of Thrones, Barbara Hannigan, Lord of the Rings, Karita Mattila, Jim Morrison, Nightwish, Luciano Pavarotti, Radiohead, Stitch (Disney), Felix Vallotton, Vampires, Boris Vian … I’m sure I’m forgetting something.



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