Avant Premiere RETRO

A film by Patricia Niedzwiecki, under the aegis of the Culture Department of the City of Brussels with Daniel Blumenthal, Aphrodite Patoulidou, Lilien Citrini, Yu Matsumoto & the Royal Ballet School Antwerp.


In this film I am performing as Diva next to one of my mentors, Mr. Daniel Blumenthal, that alone means a lot to me. I want to thank the amazing hard-working team for the wonderful ride, for the trust and friendship, and I can’t wait to see this story take wings. Bozar is hosting this event.
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29 Novembre 2018 à Paris!

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29 Novembre 2018 à Paris!
“The Rake’s (Work in) Progress” by Stravinsky: Equilibrium Young Artists opens its doors to an intimate presentation of our journey so far at 104 CENTQUATRE! It’s free entrance but make sure you book in advance.
Find details on that and other events on my Schedule:
-in the meantime I am having panic attacks as to how will I ever learn all this repertoire 🤘😜🤘

La Voix Humaine Photos

Dear friends, I am happy to share some photos from this year’s La Voix Humaine I sang in Berlin. All photo credits go to Christina Giakoumelou

Covering Nightwish

Dear friends, me and my friend Vasilia Malteza have created this arrangement of Nightwish’s “Two For Tragedy”. It is a special project for us and we gave it a lot of thought, love and work. Let us know what you think!


La Voix Humaine 6&8 July BERLIN

csm_Plakat_A1_TROIS_FEMMES_END_6215cf7a32I’m having a nervous break down. Wanna watch? Get your tickets here for 6th and 8th of July  in Berlin!

I’ll be playing Poulenc’s “La Voix Humaine” in this trois-pièces production (Angelique-La Voix Humaine-L’Heure Espagnol), under the musical direction of Errico Fresis and stage direction of Frank Hilbrich.

The show of 8th of July will be freely live-streamed here

(I am in the poster, can you see me?)


Rossini’s Petite Messe Solenelle with Vokalsystem

34365169_1908984915818974_3839742234828210176_o Now, I’m not usually in for religious music and neither was Rossini. However, my former teacher in Brussels, my loving Dinah Bryant, told me to never turn down a chance to sing Rossini.

And so here it goes, a very special Rossini Messe -it might have already been played 174 times this year, since it’s 150 years since Rossini’s death, but guess what, OUR ROSSINI IS DIFFERENT, OUR ROSSINI IS SPECIAL.

Get your tickets here or mail to tickets@vokalsystem.com


Sciarrino & Seikilos Concert in Belgium


I’m always happy to be back in Belgium, many dear friends there. This time in order to sing Sciarrino pieces and something I always wanted to sing…the Epitaph of Seikilos, the oldest surviving example of a complete musical composition, including musical notation, from anywhere in the world, dated variously from around 200 BC to around AD 100. This Sunday! Find more about the concert here