—“””It’s not a love song, exactly, and it’s not a song about addiction, exactly. “Between the Bars” is about the ways in which protecting somebody you love turns into the need to control that person.”””

—“it’s really a love song written from alcohol to Elliott”

–“First, and most obviously, they’re the bars within which the speaker/singer is drinking. Second, they are the bars of the musical composition he is dedicating to that endeavor. Finally, they are the bars of the prison he is metaphorically creating for himself, and might, someday, have to face in a literal way.””

and many more interpretations……..

Special thanks to my dear friend Vasilia Malteza for the picture and for always tempting me to go further.


Between the Bars by Elliott Smith
Produced by Elliott Smith, Rob Schnapf & Tom Rothrock
Album: Either/Or (1997)




New Album

Hola lotta there,

I spent one day in Bonn, Germany to have a voice lesson with Sensei Aris Argiris and met with long muse-friend Ioulia. We talked and talked and I felt a longing for these home made photos. They dirty ones. The colors burned under the unbent sunlight.

God, I miss nice conversations.

x.x.x. from Berlin





Almost a year ago I shook these goddesses very early off their beds in order to shoot them under the summer sun of Chalkidiki in Greece. Luckily, they also reminded me I should publish these photos. I don’t amuse myself into the idea of taking any credit for these pictures because really, they were just being natural. And sleepy.

Many thanks


Bye bye 2016 with Make Up Video

Hi friends,

this is a fast forward Make Up preparation for me as Rosina in Il Barbiere di Siviglia. Some close friends asked for it, so there it is!
I have been performing for 2 and a half months already, 4 shows per week. I am very grateful for this experience, I learned a looooot.
New shows to be announced soon!

I will not wish you happiness, because happiness is a choice. That is my resolution.

I wish you health from the bottom of my heart, to you and your dear ones!

Happy 2017!


The Barber of Seville

Dear friends,

I am happy to share that this winter I will be in Greece (Thessaloniki, performing as Rosina in The Barber of Seville! Directed by Karmen Rougheri, choreographed and highlighted by Petros Gallias and the costumes were made by Christina Kouloumpi. We are performing in the Main Concert Hall of Thessaloniki. Enjoy some pics from backstage as well as show time!!


A SINGER PREPARES, Aphrodite Patoulidou

I am proudly presenting my Master Thesis: A SINGER PREPARES, 68 pages of undeniable wisdom (hehehe) — to prove that there is something more in my head than just resonance…–


  • What I have learnt close to Dinah Bryant, Daniel Blumenthal, Anne Sofie Von Otter, Ubaldo Fabbri, Julius Drake, Christianne Stotijn, Dietrich Henschel, Valerie Guillorit, Éric Lacascade, Angelica Cathariou, Athena Katsanevaki, Anne Catherine Gillet, Maja Jantar, Inge Spinette, Jan Vande Weghe, La Monnaie,  and many many more amazing teachers
  • A discussion starting from technique, fach system and interpretation to enjoyment and vocal freedom.
  • Photo project with Ioulia Spanou (and Kate Lides !), which portrays all of the characters I chose to sing for my graduation recitals in KCB.
  • *** The photo project will be exhibited in Koninklijk Conservatorium of Brussels (KCB) end of May!!

Find here Part I&II ! Download for free and let me know what you think 🙂

A Singer Prepares.Thesis.Act I Musicianship by Aphrodite Patoulidou.compressed

A Singer Prepares.Thesis.Act II Musicality by Aphrodite Patoulidou.compressed

All da best!