My Corona Chronicle

how I spent my time in isolation, and now


My operatic debut as Anne Trulove was released on DVD by Accentus, featuring documentary “Taking Risks” in which you can see what Equilibrium Young Artists is and how Barbara Hannigan created it.

Order it here.

Vocal Arrangements

I’m passionate about arranging songs for vocal ensembles. Lately I’ve grown fond of folk music and you easily hear it in some of the following:

Online Performances

Corona kept us away from each other but not apart. Through music and technology I could still create music with people dear to me. It can never replace the real thing, but it worked for the time in isolation. We created these for #EQ4U.

I also prepared a 30min long Lied Recital with Justine Eckhaut for Ludwigsburg Music Festival.

Ojai Music Festival

I reflected on my debut at the 2019 Ojai Music Festival performance of Claude Vivier’s Lonely Child. The Ojai Music Festival’s weekly series, Tune In Tuesday, which highlights archived Festival concerts includes Festival alum introducing each piece, and this was my introduction, plus, the first time I had to talk on camera. Let me tell you, it wasn’t that easy….:


Amidst the craziness of the epidemic, I did manage to graduate, acquiring my second Master Degree, this time on Opera, by the University of Arts in Berlin, in the class of my Sensei, Aris Argiris.

Videography / Recording

Every singer has a camera and a microphone. Not all of us know our equipment though. I started experimenting alone during the Corona lockdown, and here’s how far I’ve gone ’till now.