Taste some homemade songs…


Aphrodite started taking classical guitar lessons at the age of 10 and after several years started classical singing, piano and music theory lessons. She abandoned soon any effort to study contra point because at the time she was too busy exploring John Cage’s works. She stubbornly continues to write and perform.

Οn October 5th, 2015, the song “Arrival” premiered in Thessaloniki by soprano Ioulia Spanou. It is a poem by Ioulia Spanou set to music by Aphrodite Patoulidou and dedicated to her dear friend Ioulia. A work for voice and piano accompanied by artwork made by Aphrodite with Ioulia posing.
The work can be freely downloaded and performed. Only obligation to performers is to always make a reference to composer and writer.
DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE: ARRIVAL, by Aphrodite Patoulidou

Twinkle, twinkle crazy star” project we did with Greek Toys:

and the christmas special episode with Coucou’s singing Silent Night

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