Happy New Year!

I will have the pleasure to perform with the Youth Orchestra of Antwerp in a belgian tour
and also the honor to sing by the side of Wilfried Van den Brande!!

Concerts are

04/01, 10u30, Stadsschouwburg Sint-Niklaas
10/01, 20u30, CC Belgica, Dendermonde
11/01, 15u, AMUZ, Antwerpen
15/01, 20u30, Concertgebouw, Brugge
conductor: Ivo Venkov
Join us for a concert full of sweet sparkling warmth!
More info here

24th of December at 00.00!
I am singing soprano part ORGELSOLOMESSE KV 259 by W.A. MOZART at Saint Paul’s Church in Antwerp 1-20141222_143825-001AND……………………..….before the concert, a selection of Lullabies AND……………………amongst them, a hellenic surrrrrrprrrrise!

Entrance is free, don’t miss it if you ‘re in town!

I am delighted to announce that Friday 19th December at 20.00 in Saint Paul’s Church, Antwerp I sing Händel’s Messiah amongst great musicians and under the button of Maestro Imessiahvo Venkov. More info here!

After a beautiful day spent in Verviers, Belgium, and after meeting unexpectedly some Greeks there (and yes, our home villages in Greece are close as always!) I found this kiss outside a bank and my friend and wonderful pianist Kalliopi posed to take the second kiss-picture…Let’s call it Reflection of a Kiss, as the kiss would be Kalliopi herself… Moreover, you will find another pianist in the midst of red ocean of seats, Thibaut with his eyes closed and last a shot I took from a street in Antwerp….by accident! Enjoy and tell me what you think, give your own title to the pictures by writing a comment below it. And………have a nice day! It’s a choice 😉

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